Jake Edens
Founder/CEO, Rescour

Education Module: Market Disruption & Evolution

Skills: big data, analytics, business development, strategy

Lucy Inman
Art Director/Designer, Huge Inc. & Heckyeahmissus

Education Module: Presentation Design

Skills: content design, UX, color psychology

Devon Wijesinghe
Founder/CEO, Insightpool

Education Module: Marketing Strategy & Technology

Skills: strategy, marketing & sales, analytics, advertising

Brooks Robinson
Founder/CEO, Springbot

Education Module: Go to Market Strategy

Skills: competitive edge, business development, strategy

Frank Park
Co-Founder, Cloudigy

Education Module: Tech/Engineering Refinement

Skills: engineering, scalability, team management

Barry Givens
Co-Founder/CEO, Monsieur

Education Module: Strategy & Planning

Skills: technical creativity, business development, strategy

Vijay Balasubramaniyan
Co-Founder/CEO, Pindrop Security

Education Module: Technology & Engineering

Skills: iterative engineering, R&D, product-market-fit

Pavleen Thukral
Co-Founder/CEO, Stackfolio

Education Module: Engineering & Team-Fit

Skills: tech management, company culture, engineering for your customer


What are mentors? ASB Mentors are all founders and co-founders of startup companies. This means they have learned to build, put in long days, scaled mountainous challenges, rolled up their sleeves and hustled their way into solving real problems.

Each of these founders has a unique set of skills, gifts, talents, and expertise. Each one brings a different set of tools to the table. Each one packs a unique punch for the battle. During the all-day Saturday competition, each of these mentors will be leading an intense training in a specific area of interest (i.e. UX, Technology, Go to Market, Fundraising, Bus. Dev.). Applicants will go through training in each education module and be assigned the appropriate mentor for that course.