The only bad question is the one not asked. If these common questions don’t give you answers, contact us at team@atlantastartupbattle.com

General FAQs

What is ASB?

ASB is a 2-day pitch competition uniquely designed to tap Atlanta’s creative tech talent to launch something from nothing. Day 1 is an all-day Saturday 9/23 gathering where the top 10 applicants will compete with practice pitches, building pitch decks and fine tuning their ideas. Day 2 is a Thursday evening 9/28 final competition where the top 5 applicants compete for the top position and earn the $100k investment!

Where is ASB?

Located at and hosted by TechSquare Labs, a 15k sq. ft. investment fund and innovation hub space that specializes in launching tech-focused companies.

Map & Directions

Applicant FAQs

How do I apply?

Go to “Apply Now” and fill out the form completely. Only completed forms will be entered into the competition.

Why should I apply to ASB?

Do you have a killer idea? Could your startup use cash, to the tune of $100,000? How about mentorship, incubator space, tons of marketing exposure, connections to investors, or simply entrance into the fast growing Atlanta startup ecosystem?

That’s what Atlanta Startup Battle offers.

What is the application process?

  1. Apply 7/14-8/18/17.
  2. Applications reviewed 8/20-9/18/17.
  3. Top winners released in April.
  4. Competition Part 1, Top 10: Saturday 9/23/17.
  5. Competition Part 2, Top 5: Thursday 9/28/17. WINNER PICKED and awarded GRAND INVESTMENT OF $100K!

What is the grand prize?

Yep, you read right: $100,000! So bring a killer idea that will rise above the competition.

Grand Prize Includes:

  • $100,000 investment
  • 1-year Incubation space at TechSquare Labs
  • Access to TechSquare Mentors
  • Access to VC investors for next stage of funding

What will Saturday 9/23 be like?

Saturday, September 23, 2017 is a crucial day in this competition. It’s the chance for you/your team to prove your idea to us. What are you building? Will it scale? Is it viable? Do you have IP? What is your product to market fit? What problems are you solving? How will you make money?

We’ll only pick the top 5 ideas from Saturday to compete as finalists on Thursday, September 28, 2017.

Saturday Schedule

9am-12pm – Attend Education Modules

12-1pm – lunch + practice pitches

1-3pm – Build final pitches and slide decks, collaborate with designers

3-5pm – Final Pitches to Investor Judges to decide Top 5 for Thursday 4/13


What will Thursday 9/28 be like?

Thursday, September 28, 2017 is Day 2 of the Competition and the final. The top 5 finalists from Saturday, 9/23/17 will compete for the grand prize ($100k investment and a year of incubation space at TechSquare Labs).

Thursday Schedule – 9/28/17

5-6pm Intros + pitches

6-615pm MC/Host Intro

615-715pm Final Pitches from Top 5

715-830pm Judges deliberate and pick #1 Idea

830-930pm Judges Panel picks #1 Top Pick – $100k Check Awarded!

930pm Cocktail Party + press pics!

What criteria will judges use to score my application?

Judges will score each application by the following criteria:

  • The overall viability of the idea
  • The overall strength of team
  • Team’s knowledge of market
  • A rating of the viability of the product/technology
  • The product relative to the target market
  • Revenue and financing plans
  • Overall assessment of the opportunity

How many rounds of judging are there?

Judges will filter applications through the following rounds:

  1. Online application form (Winners advance to step 2).
  2. Acceptance to Day 1 on Saturday, Sept. ,23 2017 (Winners advance to round 3).
  3. Acceptance to Day 2 on Thursday, Sept. ,28 2017 (Winner gets $100k investment+incubation).

Anything Else I Should Know About?

Check out our terms of conditions and privacy policy for further information, or email team@atlantastartupbattle.com to get in touch.

Mentor FAQs

What is an ASB mentor?

Anyone who is an expert in a specific field: business, marketing, branding, product development, product to market fit, graphic design, startups, scaling, R&D, manufacturing, engineering, technology, etc.

We want people who are generous with their knowledge, have a passion for launching ideas and love helping make others great!

What are the mentor benefits?

Knowing that you’re giving your time, energy, passion and expertise to helping others build something from nothing.

We’ll give you a profile on our website including your picture, email, company info. and a link to your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Oh, and we may throw in a Free t-shirt and name badge too. Perks.

How much time is required?

We value your time and schedule. So give as much time as you can.

Day 1 Saturday 9/23: 8am-5pm – Mentors can sign-up for certain time slots as the event gets closer. We recommend if you do come during a certain window, then come between 8-12 or 1-5. Those are times our applicants will be working hard to practice their pitches, perfect their pitch decks and fine tune their ideas.

Day 2 Thursday 9/28: 6-10pm – This is our final pitch night where the top 5 applicants compete for the Grand Prize. It’s also open to the press and public at large. We’d love for you to stay the whole night and enjoy watching the startups you’ve helped compete.

Press FAQs

Do you have an official press release?

Yes we do. Please fill out our Press Contact form and give us your contact info. and which publication or news outlet you represent.

Do we get special access?

Yes. We offer a Press Pass to all of our Press Contacts. This gives you front row access along with our VIPs for the Final Round Main Event.

Our Day 2 final pitch night on Thursday 9/28 will no doubt be a packed event with applicants, team members, mentors, friends and family. Access to our applicants and judges will be extremely hard. We’ll have to let our team decide which press gets access on a first-come basis.

Please feel free to interview any of our attendees, mentors, visitors or guests.

Do you have any special requests?

Only that you get as much of our space as possible.

Please be sure and use our Atlanta Startup Battle logo and our TechSquare Labs logo in your releases.