ASB 1.0: Investor Judges

Mark Buffington,
Managing Director
BIP Capital
Mark Buffington

Managing Director, BIP Capital


Kirby Harris,
Base Ventures
San Francisco
Kirby Harris

Partner, Base Ventures


Michelle Jarrard
GRA Ventures
Michelle Jarrard

Managing Director, GRA Venture Fund

sig mosley_mosley ventures
Sig Mosley

Managing Partner, Mosley Ventures


Allen Nance,
TechSquare Labs
Allen Nance | Host Judge/MC

Partner/Co-Founder TechSquare Labs


Michael Neril, 
Spider Capital
San Francisco
Michael Neril

Founder & Managing Partner, Spider Capital


Investor Judges

Who are investor judges? A group of investors with $1B+ worth of portfolio investments under their belts and $200M of early stage investible capital at the table. From Silicon Valley to Atlanta, our judges have a history investing in top companies (from Hipmunk to AngelList). Together, these judges will be the final voice to decide the winner and collaboratively invest $100,000.